Born and raised in Cape Town,  South Africa,  I lived in Scotland for five years and now live in Sydney,  Australia.

Resized_20170820_114003 copy.jpg

While in Scotland, I studied at the Edinburgh College Of Art, where my love for textiles began.  Aided by my tutors’ guidance, exposure to other artists’ work and life in general, I began to focus on what has become my creative passion – tapestry weaving. The tapestry above was the first tapestry I wove after first weaving a  basic tapestry sampler. The image came from a painting I did while I was at high school and which was included in the portfolio I submitted to get into art college.

Since completing my studies, I have worked in a number of art related jobs; including gallery management, running tapestry workshops and individual teaching to both children and adults.  Recently I’ve made the decision to focus on my own weaving. along with my other love, teaching.

I welcome your enquiries in regard to individual classes and general workshops.  Please follow the link below.  Beginners are very much welcome!

Contact me here for enquiries

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